This is why I have so much free time. This is Irina's Restaurant & Bar. This sucks.

Irina's Restaurant Roof Collapses - ABC5 WOI-DT News, Weather, Sports in Des Moines, IA

Irina's Restaurant Roof Collapses - ABC5 WOI-DT News, Weather, Sports in Des Moines, IA

Sad tears.

Aabaraki feat. Soul Khan - "Karate" Official Music Video

Potential Facebook status updates actually worth reading.

I realized there was no toilet paper with just enough time to suck my turtlehead back in.


He's scared.

I asked Dan to show me his butthole. He said No. I showed him mine. What's the big deal?
I wish it was cool to be fat. I'm hungry.

I wrote stuff with pen and paper in 2004.

Don't want to be something I'm not
Don't know who I am so I can't be that either
Pursuing a hobby between work and sleep
Just doesn't happen like washing my sheets
I wanted to find myself and what I was all about
So I started looking
Apparently all the wrong places
What I found was

Seriously Casey Anthony?

Who gets a tattoo that says Beautiful Life 2 weeks after your child goes missing? A murderer? She lied about everything and borrowed a shovel. Convict her already.

Why do undeserving, irrational, stupid women with no logic or common sense get to bring babies into their messed-up lives?


Just the beginning

It's been...awhile. Where the heck have you been? I've spent all this time waiting for you and finally you mosey in like it hasn't been 2 years. Well, it has. And a lot has happened. And a lot hasn't happened. And right now I feel like telling you alllllll about it. Well, not all of it right now. You couldn't handle it. So I'll ease into it. Slowly. One by one. You will judge me. You will hate me. Unless you're open-minded and love dry humor. I don't really care who reads this, I just have some things I want to document in case I die one day soon. I want Schafer to know that his Mother was just as loca as he thought.


Danny Bobby

Those are not Michael's kids!! And may i add that Daniel makes me so very happy. I must be the luckiest girl in the world. I bet all his ex-girlfriends are totally pissed they let this one get away. Suckers!!

Movies or something

This picture made me think about movies. We tried to watch that ben jam in my butt man movie. Im sure its a good movie. I wouldnt know what a good movie is because I dont really watch movies. Im not that idle. I cant sit for that long. Anyways this is a good picture huh? It reminds me of when Del-Mar gets baptized in O Brother where art Thou. Now that is a good movie. You know why i like it? Because its not a movie, its a Musical, and musicals are AWESOME. O Brother ties with The Demon Barber of Fleet Street- AMAZING Musical. I cant remember the name of the barber. Anyone?


Im Sorry but Im not

I do apologize if any of my hundreds of millions of readers are offended by my sense of what i think is funny. There. Ive said it once, I wont say it again, and I wont use discretion. Well, maybe a little discretion. River is learning to read.

So, I was wondering a couple things. If i don't shave my legs, is it because im lazy, or because im sooooo busy doing other things? And also, if you see someone looking in the mirror all the time, does it mean they are vain, or self-conscious? And why do you park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?

My sister had a post a few weeks ago about 10 things you would never know about her unless she told you. And she encouraged me to do the same thing! HA! Fat chance here people. Well, maybe i could tell a few things.......um......no, not that.....or that.......ok i got one, so.....oh wait....nevermind.

Boy Scouts

My 2 favorite guys! Yes, Schafer is a boy. You can't see it, but it's there. It's about half the size of my pinkie-finger. Poor little guy. Dan's is quite a bit bigger.



This metal patio furniture was my parent's and they had it for probably 10+ years. It used to be all green and then they painted it yellow. When they moved they gave it to us and its been a great place to catch all our crap. We have been putting lots of work into our backyard and so this furniture needed a makeover as well....

So I painted it red.
And, well, I love it.


Thanks Lauren!!

Ever wonder what these are for? My friend L-Makky dropped by one day and when she left she gave me this. Eggplant, meet readers. Readers, meet eggplant. We won't give him a name like Edgar or Edward or Edmundo, because soon we are going to eat him and we don't eat our friends. Atleast I don't. I wonder who came up with the name because im fairly sure it has nil to do with eggs (hens, caviar, ovaries....yep, pretty sure no relation.) They sure did get the plant part right though. You can do whatever you want with your eggplant. Play catch with it, tell dirty jokes to it, sit on it and pretend like you laid an "egg" plant.....there really are endless possibilities. Here's what I did with mine:

Diced into 1 inch pieces and tossed with minced garlic, chopped onion, olive oil, cayenne, salt & pepper. Then roasted it in the oven for about 30 min...put all this goodness into a food processor, add some tahini and lemon juice, pulse, pulse, pulse, and then you have.....

Baba-Ghanoush!! For those of you that dont know, Baba means baby, and Ghanoush means diarrhea. Just glippity glop some on a plate and add some pita and some veggies.
Sprinkle with parsley or paprika for a little style & flash! Bon A'petit Amigos!


The garden: Before.


Yuck. It was bad. See that piece of wood? There was about 5 million slugs and all their little slimy babies underneath. We cleaned it all up , pulled all the weeds, and raised it up with a ton of dirt. It only took one year! I know, its a small garden. Theres only so much you can do in the city.. And now......

My leetle garden

Not finished but finally got some veggies planted. Early girl and Roma tomatoes, red bell and jalapeno peppers on the left. Red and White onions on the right....Maybe gonna put some fruit in the back behind the veg...Now on to the herbs...mmmmm... love fresh herbs.....any herb lovers out there?

Dogs By Kacy

What has lots of hairs, alone or in pairs, barks at your neighbor's hog?
What's great for a snack, and fits on your back, its Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

It's DOGS! DOGS! They're big, they're heavy like wood!
They're better than bad, They're good!
Everyone wants a Dog! Your'e gonna love your Dog! Go out and get a Dog! Everyone needs a Dog!


Happy Marketing Day....er, I mean Mother's Day

We went to Dillons on Mother's Day. Everyone and their MOTHER was there. We bought asparagus. I think its a silly silly day. You should show your mother love every day of the year. It's a national marketing ploy to benefit Hallmark. You should have seen all the dorks in the card aisle, frantically searching for the 'right' card. "As if that card is going to make up for all the years of crap your mother endured while raising you", I said aloud, as two people reached for the same card. AWKWARD.

Anyhow, this is me & my Mom. She probably knew she wasn't getting a card from me. In fact i didn't even say Happy Mother's Day. I simply told her I loved her and that was good enough for her. She is just that cool. Hi Mom! Love You!!



Ah sweet pasture. How I love your creatures with their sweet cream of cowpie smells and beautiful moolodies... This is why we came. Just watch where you......eew.
I think this photo should win a prize. Even if I myself hadn't taken it, I would still think its an amazing photo. Or maybe i just really like to watch cows eat their hay. Haaaaaayyy
A hungry hungry heifer, up close & personal.

Hey Cuz!! Your doing an excellent job with those cattle. I am so proud of you and knowing that our Nee-Naw has you there makes me so very happy. Keep up the good work and thanks for the ride! Hope to see you again soon! Your Cousins Kacy & Daniel


My Little Pony, minus the scent of lavender

Meet Blanca. She's an excellent ride. I've had her since she was a wee colt and weve been gone the wind ever since. I ride bareback because the saddle gives her a wicked rash. One time while riding the prairie she got spooked by an armadillo on our left and bucked me off. But with great skill she licked my wounds, doctored me up and carried me home. Years later I saw her by the side of the road, took her picture and made up this whole story.


My cousin Joshua. He'll be 15 in August and is the best pitcher on his baseball team. Thats the word on the street anyways. He's in the cattle business and is still lookin' for 129's calf. I ruined his fishing pole (Sorry dude). He tells me the girls aren't after him but i think hes being modest. I would bet anyone $500 he'll be Prom King. He's just that cool. I call this pic Heisman on the Haybail. What he doesn't know is that any girl that is after him will have to go through me. I have a right to say that, I held him as a baby.

Fun in the Country

I reckon I do feel sorry for city folk who will never get the chance to enjoy the country. I reckon I do.

Technically I begged them to jump and jump for this Hay Bail Series. Each jump was following a countdown. Sorry if I ruined the movie magic.

Bail jumping


Flat is Good

This is why the midwest is awesome, because you can see the storms for miles upon miles and not actually be inside of it. I love the sky. It's my favorite element. Wind being my second, earth coming in last but not least. Fire is cool too, but fire is something that can be created by humans. Earth wind & sky are all naturale baby.

We got home just in time. I took this one looking straight up from our house. Glad we werent on the road. That circle on the far right side could be mistaken for the moon, but it's actually a droplet of rain on the lens.


Sophia Louisa Chiquita Santa Maria!!

"Kacy! You can't take pictures at mass!"
"Oh yea? Watch me! Sophia say cheeseburgers!"

That's creepy Kendra

Meet Kendra my sister. If you didnt already know this we came from an ancestral family background of circus freaks. It's in our genes. We can't help it.

Danny Bobby


Hey look! I know those guys! Can you believe it's been almost 3 years? Tell Grandma she's famous!

This is my little green alien friend that came down to see me and pose for a few pics before returning to the mother ship.

There's a destination a little up the road from the habitation of the towns we know.

Don't believe in aliens? If you dont, well, you're in denial.

River Nelson

River on the front lawn at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO. Back in the day when Daniel was the Sous Chef there.

An innocent game of Connect Four between Uncle & Niece. Look at those manners. Arms folded neatly, sitting up straight. What a little lady.
River! Didn't we learn about good sportsmanship? No? Oh.

Come on Dan you couldn't have just let her win? Bet you will next time.


Schafer he is

As we walked around the Humane Society I couldnt help but cry seeing all the dogs with no family to love them. I wish we could have taken them all. However thats impossible seeing as how theres like 500 animals there. Anyhow we knew we wanted a puppy to raise with our own style and flash. We came across a group of 3 or 4 puppies, staying close together at the back of their pen. The posting said shepherd mix. They were mostly black but one had a lighter coloring and was very mild mannered. We found a staff member and pointed out the one we wanted to "visit" with. She opened the gate, picked up a very precious puppy and handed it to us. I like all puppies, but she had picked up the wrong one. No, that one, I say. She rolls her eyes as if whats the difference. She pointed. "This one?" "No, that one." "This one?" I nod. We took him to a small room where he left a small yellow puddle on the floor. We took him home the next day.
After having him a few days, we soon realized that he wasnt mild at all. In fact he was absolutely crazy. The reason he seemed so mild at the pound was b/c he had just had his balls chopped off.
We didnt know yet what his name would be so we called him Agent 41. 41 were the first 2 numbers on his paperwork. We brought him home and let Jeanie name him Muchacho. After realizing this was not a name that could easily roll off the tongue, we decided to change it. We went through several names in 2 weeks, including Batman & Bishop. We finally decided on Hank. Hank it was. Hank, sit. No, Hank. Hank Hank Hank. Say Hank too many times and it becomes really, really, really strange.
While doing some internet research on our new pup I learned that Schaferhund is German for shepherd dog. Schafer it was. Schafer he is. He is Schafer.

Check out the best radio station in the known world. 965thebuzz.com . Its outta KCMO and its our favorite. The Spanish word for sandwich is el sandwich. Schafer should be a canine celebrity. Mke some money. Pay some rent.


What do 3 year olds have in common with 60 year olds? Bringin sexy back, of course.